Mike Siver Author and Life Coach.


Learning to Control and Change Your Role in Life


What role we play and how we play it can make the difference between success and failure. 

A Comprehensive Look at Why We Behave the Way We Do and Who is Responsible for It


Readers will consider who they are and how they act today, and learn ways to use experiences from the past to help take responsibility for future actions and build the life they wish to have. 

Author Mike Siver


Mike's purpose is to assist the young toward change, but address issues we find ourselves in at any age.  Read more

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 Mike's Books generate family and group discussion and provide participants with life skills necessary to understand the role they are playing in their own life. 

Excellent for use as coaching tools  or anyone seeking self help tools.

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Repairing broken adults

Everyday life often throws a stumbling block into the wheels of life. Whether it's an abusive relationship or any other traumatic experience, healing words and application tips can be found in Mike's books, seminars, group meetings and private sessions.

The book Why Did I Do That?  is currently being used by the Veterans Administration as a curriculum for Veterans dealing with anger management and substance abuse, as well as learning life skills.


Couples and Family Coaching

Mike is here to help you back on track  through coaching for families and large groups. These sessions help those of all ages to understand the role they each play in family hierarchy.


Life events, circumstances or bad choices

Issues such as family violence, substance abuse, incarceration, lack of career-oriented skills and education, and even the after-effects of traumatic experience can cause life-limiting disabilities that act as a barrier to hold people back. This is what Mike Siver's  Life Coaching  concentrates on.

"Repairing the Broken" by helping them remove the barrier to pursue a brighter future, is Mike's aim. 

Mike Siver author and Life Coach  is available for Life Coaching sessions, as well as being available as a speaker  by appointment.

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