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Meet Mike Siver

Mike has spent most of his life on a heart driven mission to help those who are broken, or those who feel they have hit bottom and don't know how to repair their broken lives.


Repairing The Broken Lives


Are you stressed about your relationship, anxious about your family? Are you heartbroken with unexpected circumstances and think that it’s all over? Are you stuck with a feeling of bondage?

Lift up your heads! For your days of mourning have ended. Cheer up! For it is possible to see ashes turn to beauty and distress to happiness.

I am Mike Siver and I am here to help you understand what you can do to heal your broken and damaged life.

As Mike Siver author & life coach, I will listen to you and help you overcome and behaviors that are not working in your life..

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Mike is here to help you remove any fences that may be holding you back!

Services include unique coaching techniques and  training with books that will help you succeed.


Individuals, couples, families or group sessions available.

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your new beginning could be One Call, group meeting or book away


Everyday life often throws a stumbling block into the wheels of life. Whether it's an abusive relationship or any other traumatic experience, healing words and application tips can be found in Mike's books, seminars, group meetings, and private sessions.

Teens, Couples, and Family

 Mike is here to help you get back on track through coaching for families and large groups. These sessions help those of all ages to understand the role they each play in the family hierarchy

Life events and circumstances

Issues such as family violence, substance abuse, incarceration, lack of career-oriented skills and education, and even the after-effects of traumatic experience can cause life-limiting disabilities that act as a barrier to hold people back. This is what Mike Siver's  Life Coaching concentrates on.


“With Mike’s help, I completed all my court-ordered obligations and am now able to move past and let go of a lot of my negative childhood experiences. I like myself now believe I am a much better person to those around me.” 

- Joseph Post Sr.

“Mike has impressed me with his dedication & reliability. He was a very important part of our program and a fantastic resource for the Veterans that come through one of our programs. Lastly, Mike always displayed respect with working with fellow veterans and it was apparent that he is very dedicated to helping others with their recovery efforts. I am thankful that Mike has given much of himself to assist his fellow veterans.” 

- Aaron E. Porter BSN, RN/es.

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