Mike is  a Board Certified Biblical Counselor Mastering in Addiction Certified Domestic Violence, Prison Reform, Re-entry. 


  • Anger Management,
  • Domestic Violence and, 
  • Substance Abuse counseling.


  • On the board of No Fences Inc., a Non-Profit (501 c 3) community-based organization with offices in SW Michigan, Texas and Florida. 

  • Worked with local SW Michigan services for placement of mothers and children from family of domestic violence situations.
  • Ordained Minister with the United Christian Faith Ministries also a Chaplain for Forgotten Man Ministries. 


To target the young, but address issues we find ourselves in at any age. The uniqueness of Mike's writings generates pointed conversation. Not only is each issue addressed in the books  thought-provoking, but people begin to recognize they hear, see and are affected by them on a daily basis.

The book inspires discussion about the topics with quotes/sayings and expanded sections that help the reader to personalize the information in a nonthreatening environment. This assists people in entering the discussion without taking a defensive stance. Mike does not offer the answers, but an opinion, for discussion and discovery. His book (like his column)  is directed to the general public and, specifically, anyone who feels a need to address themselves and or those around them. 

Mike uses the book in groups for discussion on behaviors and attitudes. Suggested application includes:

  • youth groups i.e. Boy Scouts, Girl Scouts, 
  • church youth groups, 
  • rehabilitation facilities,
  • groups that address beliefs and behaviors and
  • young families (without placing parents in the role of  "bad guys.")

Mike currently is currently running groups with the Veterans Administration using his book's for help tools and study guides for Veterans dealing with PTSD