Gregory Hawn, City of Orlando, After-School All-Stars Coordinator.

Dear Mike Siver, 

I would like to thank you for the training provided to the City of Orlando After-School All-Stars. The Performance Coaching training was an invaluable resource to the 80 staff that attended.One of the issues we're dealing with prior to the training were huge challenged with communication. 

The training has had a profound effect on this issue. The staff now has a greater understanding of the barriers of communication as well as their personal weaknesses in this area. Other highlights of training were the processing of the activities, it was a great tool to get the staff to engage in the activity. 

Finally, the professionalism you and your staff exhibited throughout the entire training.Please share this letter to your perspective clients. I believe they to well be pleased with the many aspects covered in your training. If it is increased performance they are looking for, they have found the right trainers.I would like to personally thank you for a job well done. We are looking forward to a follow-up session.

` Sincerely,Gregory Hawn, City of Orlando, After-School All-Stars Coordinator.